About LAC



What does LAC stand for?


Learn: this assignment takes place in direct conjunction (integrated) with the other courses in the Introductory Block. The knowledge gained in these courses, representing areas including environmental science; business management; technology and economy, serves as the foundation of inspiration and theory for the assignment.


Apply: the assignment is a way to transfer theory into practice. How to utilize the accumulated knowledge and experiences to approach an environmental challenge is student's choice!


Communicate: the idea is that the students communicate their ideas, challenge their thoughts by inviting peers, professors and experts for a critical review, learn more, progress and develop!

What is LAC?


LAC is a course that EMP Master programme students are in charge of. It is based on their concerns and ideas. Students are supposed to develop their own ideas into a useable educational course item.


The LAC course runs throughout the whole distance education block of the EMP programme. For the 2012 - 2014 cycle of the programme ("Batch 19") the LAC course ends in June 2013 when students present their ideas and invite relevant people to actively participate in the LAC conference.


The LAC conference takes place in a virtual meeting room which can be accessed through this link: https://connect.sunet.se/emp-ode-b19/.