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Being interested in the concept of services provided by nature, being keen on wildlife, especially pollinators, and concerned about their disappearance, the so-called Let them bee! project aimed to get some knowledge about pollinators, to apply it through some actions e.g. the construction of shelters for one or several chosen species and to communicate on what we have done and how we did it. The project was run where each of us live and adapted itself to regional constraints, carateristics and opportunities. We decided to make a special focus on bees among all pollinators species because we needed to be more specific on what we named pollinators as there are so many of them. It turned out that some of us involved some relatives in this project, which enlarged the number of people in relation with the Let them bee! project.




Mathilde Andersson's project

A very fruitful knowledge on bees, beekeeping and honey harvest was acquired by going to a beekeeping school and some shelters were build in order to promote wild solitary bees called masons.

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Zivile Poderiene's project

The knowledge about beekeeping was aquired in a local beekeeping place located in the East of Lithuania. Relatives were also involved in this project. On the purposes of it was to buil new bee hives

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Yoko Morimoto's project

Gain knowledge about bees in both Northern and Southern hemispheres from professional and amateur beekeepers. Then, develop brochures and discuss with local farmers to have better environment for bees.

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