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Welcome to the Learn, Apply, Communicate project with the Environmental Management and Policies master program at IIIEE.



About these presentations

These presentations are brought to you by Environmental Management and Policies master students at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics in Lund, Sweden. The material is part of a project in Learning, Applying and Communication.


The material has been developed for high and senior high school teachers on environmental and sustainability topics. The aim of the resource material is to facilitate the pedagogical process in the teaching around specific environmental topics. To this end, a series of presentations have been designed to provide teachers with background information, discussion points, suggested activities and evaluated links to more resources for each topic.


The presentations can be downloaded and used for free, either as inspirational input or directly out of the box. We kindly ask you to provide feedback on your use of the material by using the link to the survey in the top right corner.


 Ecological consumption  


The first presentation in the series focus on the topic of ecological consumption and footprints. For a higher resolution version please click here (requires Quicktime).


 Meat industry


The second presentation in the series is about meat production, livestock sector and its impact on environmental issues. For a higher resolution version please click here (requires Quicktime).


 Biodiversity & medicine


The third presentation in the series focus on the topic of biodiversity and medicine, and how loss of biodiversity may impact future development of new drugs.


 Agriculture & environment


The focus of the fourth presentation is on agriculture, its negative impacts on environment and future scenarios for a more sustainable agriculture.


 Tropical rain forests & deforestation


The topic of the fifth presentation is deforestation and the outlook for our tropical rain forests. 


 Environmental policy (under development)


 Economics and the environment (under development)





The IIIEE was established in 1994 by the Swedish Parliament. With a firm conviction that prevention is better than cure, the Institute is engaged in multidisci-plinary research activities with the overall ambition to develop strategies and policies that further systems of production and consumption that support sustainable development.





"When you plant a tree, never plant only one. Plant three - one for shade, one for fruit, one for beauty."

African proverb 






 Ecological consumption

 Meat industry

 Biodiversity & medicine


 Tropical rain forests & deforestation



Presentations with presenter's notes:


 Ecological consumption with presenter's notes

 Meat industry with presenter's notes

 Biodiversity & medicine with presenter's notes

 Agriculture with presenter's notes

 Tropical rain forests & deforestation with presenter's notes


Presentation audios:


 Meat industry audio

 Biodiversity & medicine audio


 Tropical rain forests & deforestation